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I think I've heard every method, trick, or tactic in the book for revealing an ambiguous man's true orientation, but none seem quite as fail-proof as the one above. Not only can I tell if he's gay, but also if he's married with a wife and home, bisexual, or a virgin. It's all in the tongue.

The setting for this comic is actually Seattle's own Top Pot donuts, where I've gained many a calorie since moving up here. If you're going to visit the Great North West, make sure this place is on your to-do list. It's much cheaper and much more impressive then that needle from space, or whatever.

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There's an awesome burger chain in the Seattle area called Dick's, and of course there's a Capitol Hill location. My first thought, upon seeing such a name in such an area was "Oh god...how many drunk mother fuckers do they get that make that joke..."

But I really can't recommend a better place for after-bar cheap ass food. $2 burgers and fries. Kills the stomach, but at that hour, it hurts sooooo good.

I'll shade later. Scouts honor.

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Another Seattle-based comic, this one based off this article in the Stranger. Basically, in the past couple months, Seattle's stadiums have not been showing the love to our little lezzies.

Huhwha? New Project Runway? I completely missed the myspace memo on that. This is only funny since I used to watch the damn thing religiously, but my interest quickly ran off like a hooker in the night in the middle of the last season. Guess I'm not the only one, since I haven't heard one of my friends mention it either. Has it lost its touch? Is Heidi not as hypnotizing as she once was? No, ths simple fact is that its missing the magic it once had.

Besides, Wipeout is waaaaay funnier.