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And they lived happily ever after.

I just wanted to make a quick note about stuff in the store and shipping that's been coming up occasionally: All the shipping prices in there are for a single item; I don't have the store set up (yet) to change the shipping if, say, you wanted 3 or 5 or 10 strips. Obviously you don't need to pay individual shipping prices on all the items, and you'd get a shipping discount for bulk orders. For example, if you got five strips, you wouldn't be charged $3 S+H times 5 ($15), but rather a discounted amount, closer to $7 or $8. If this is something you're interested in, you can email me and we'll figure it out from there! This might be important, since there will be more "series" of strips like the past few weeks, or the #150 series. Same thing applies if you want multiple shirts.

[LJ-EDIT: Just wanted to extend a special thanks to all the LJ fans who have been reading the comic through here! This is where CHB started and there's people who have been reading since the beginning! Sadly, I've become completely bored with LJ and am ready to get rid of my account -- and since I've got my outlet in CHB.net, I'd like to drop this community as well. Thanks SO much for all your support in the early days and I'll see you on the main site!

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I, personally, have never had anything but gay sex: that is, sex between two gay men. But, a quick search on Craigslist or any similar site (or William's journal) and you see that the line can be easily blurred. Certain men will emphasize and cater to their "straight" counterparts, both parties getting off on the situation at hand and no pressure is put on classification or explanation. Straight men can have sex with men multiple times and claim to be straight as an arrow: that's obviously relative and arguable but then again, so is what makes a person attractive. Like beauty, sexual orientation and identity is in the eye of the beholder: or "beer-holder" if you're a T-shirt that some over-weight frat boy is wearing. Couldn't ring truer in this case.

Hey, did you all here that the McCain ladies LOVE gays families? That's gotta make dinner with dad a little awkward, when he firmly believes the opposite.

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Sometimes you gotta try a different tactic. Sometimes you might play a little word game. Sometimes you might buy them a Mai Tai or three. And sometimes you get Elle Woods and her lawyer boyfriend to out the pool boy. It all gets to the same place.

An awkward morning, maybe with some heavy sobbing.

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The technique that one uses in order to get one to admit that they do, in fact, enjoy taking up the back door is really more of an artform.

The subtle remarks. Catching them staring at your ass when you wore your tightest girl-jeans. Leaving a condom up their ass when they passed out drunk. It's the little things that really add up to something special. Something that they can come to you, in their time of need, for further investigating. Of their prostate, of course.

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Now there are all sorts of closet-gay types. There's the rare type that actually acts stereotypically straight -- big man on campus, jock at high school, and REALLY enjoys swimming, but you know, who doesn't? Then there's the in-between, where they're a little ambiguous. They enjoy fragging your ass in video games, they know the actual names of sports team -- but they also cook a mean quiche and dress better than their girlfriends. They keep you guessing and probably mean to.

Then there's those who say and do things that are gayer than the anal sex I had this morning. With a man. In a gay bar. With Gaga in the background.

And maybe you can let that type of stuff roll off your back but I CANNOT. And I always seem to have a co-worker that fits this description and it's just a little distracting. During breaks, I devise ways to get them to admit that yes, they prefer cock to vag. I don't try to out them, or break up with their "awesome" girlfriends. I just make sure that they know that me and my anus are here for them if they need to do a little soul searching. S'all I'm saying.

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So I brought Matt back for a second round: whether or not John was the poor sap on the other end of a tube sock is for you, dear reader, to decide. I, however, know that John is a little classier than that...a little more old school. He'd probably use the intestine of a goat, or something.

I meant to bring this up with the last comic featuring our very gifted porn star: not ONLY is Mr. Hughes doing straight porn, but...

...wait for it...

...he's doing superhero straight porn(NSFW). No folks, you simply can not make this shit up. If you've ever wondered how the Dark Knight and co. get it on in all that latex and rubber, your questions can finally be answered. It sort of reminds me of all that comic book porn that I look at. Er, used to look at.

I hope everyone had an excellent new year. 2009 was Capitol Hillbillies' second year, and thanks to all of you it was a great one: a few of your stumbled upon (both via StumbleUpon.com and otherwise) the site this year and I hope you'll stick around. I've got some fun stuff planned.

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I've mentioned this guy before, and I'm sure a good chunk of you are familiar with his work, or at least his wang. I was looking into what he's done recently and stumbled upon the fact that he's bi -- mostly straight, but obviously enjoys having sex with guys as well (to which I saw, thank you). But I wonder, isn't it ANY fun for a woman to have that in her? I mean, there is no prostate up in there to make the pain a little pleasurable, right? It's been a while since I've seen one, but I'm pretty sure that's how it works. I'll have to ask Lady Bukkake(NSFW) next time I run into her.

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If you get the last panal, great. Welcome fellow nerd. If you don't, well, don't be too bummed out. Sometime I don't even know what I'm talking about.

I have significantly decreased the amount of gaming systems I own: I sold my X360 to Clark, my boyfriend has my Wii (ha!), and I sold my DS last year or so. Oh, and I own a Mac and not a PC, so my gaming options there are pretty limited. I did, however, re-purchase the wonderful game Bioshock for my Mac, and have been playing that through again. One of the best games ever made, and I wanted to finish it again before the sequel comes out this March. Also playing Twilight Princess again too. Everyone else and their mother has been playing Dragon Age: Origins. I tried, but when I found out I could just youtube the gay sex part, well, I felt I had seen all I really needed to. I sort of hope the next Zelda has a similar scene. Maybe Link and Goron can get it on...I hear they're always rock hard. (OH!)