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And today's comic is brought to you by: Beyoncé's "Ring the Alarm" video--

I believe this is the special technique that Beyoncé uses in order to retain complete creative control over her productions. Effective, I'm sure.

Beyoncé simply isn't "Beyoncé" without her weaves. This is her source of power, of style, and of, for lack of a less-gay term, fabulousness. This is so true, in my opinion, that I believe each song needs a "(feat. X weave)" included in each title. For example, "Ring the Alarm (feat. 'Crazy Whitney' and 'Ass-whuppin Tail')" of "Deja Vu (feat. 'Every goddamn weave we could find')." Like John says, when was last time ANYONE saw her real hair? Including her?

When she tells you to "pat, pat, pat yo' weave ladies" I don't believe she's doing it for looks--I think she's taming the damn thing.

--She popped it. Then she locked it. And then she popped it once more.

P.S. #006 has been edited, changing the name from my ex's real middle name to a random one. And #007 has been colored! Better late than never bishes.