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There's something extraordinary, nay, magical about the combination of a dozen or two gay men, gingerbread house kits, and alcohol. The pieces that come from such a mixture are almost artistic in their outcome--we had, if I remember right, a gingerbread bathhouse, a gingerbread jail-orgy, a drag queens gingerbread residence, and what seemed like a pretty standard house until gingerbread-Katrina struck and only a sugar coated pile remained. There are pictures floating around, I'll post them when I see them.

I knew the apartment would be full of limp-wristed gays, and I feared me and my ex wouldn't quite mesh (I like to think of myself as a little more butch than this crown, and my ex is just socially awkward in general) but we both had a really good time. Had my first Blowjob (the drink) and way to much candy. I believe more of it when into me than on our baked foundation.

A party at Jeremy's is always a blast, regardless of the occasion (if any) and I always look forward to hanging out with people I've probably never met, but know they're going to be fun (or, at the very least, entertainingly dramatic). I pulled a lot of strings to make sure I made it to this year's shindig (including being around an hour late for work) but all worth it. So, who wants to join me next year?

John, you've been to one before--any more observations? [[Personal note: the first Gingerbread Party is probably the first time John and I really hung out--so that proves they're good for something!]]