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I don't even have a ManHunt account, but I've heard all about it and seen it in action from my friend Clark here, an experienced man hunter.

No, my poison of choice would be craigslist. A friend of mine started the habit of checking the personals of this site almost daily for the rare, yet creepily satisfying event that I find someone on there I know. It's happened three times for myself. Even in some sort of perfect circumstance, I wouldn't actually pursue anyone on there, but it's fun to carry the knowledge that someone you know put their wang on a sketchy site like craigslist hoping for luvin' (no recip necessary). Looking back, it's almost disturbing how much that site has affected me. And if you've never read the Best of craigslist section, do yourself a favor and do so. Poetry in its most organic form. Or orgasmic form. Whichever.

And who the hell is Craig?