crotchtopher (crotchtopher) wrote in caphillbillies,

So I brought Matt back for a second round: whether or not John was the poor sap on the other end of a tube sock is for you, dear reader, to decide. I, however, know that John is a little classier than that...a little more old school. He'd probably use the intestine of a goat, or something.

I meant to bring this up with the last comic featuring our very gifted porn star: not ONLY is Mr. Hughes doing straight porn, but...

...wait for it...

...he's doing superhero straight porn(NSFW). No folks, you simply can not make this shit up. If you've ever wondered how the Dark Knight and co. get it on in all that latex and rubber, your questions can finally be answered. It sort of reminds me of all that comic book porn that I look at. Er, used to look at.

I hope everyone had an excellent new year. 2009 was Capitol Hillbillies' second year, and thanks to all of you it was a great one: a few of your stumbled upon (both via and otherwise) the site this year and I hope you'll stick around. I've got some fun stuff planned.
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