crotchtopher (crotchtopher) wrote in caphillbillies,

I think it's time our generation knew the truth. I do my best to spread the word. (And yes, the word is bum.)

We gays have a lot to be thankful for lately -- that agenda of ours is really rolling along nicely. We're cool in the media, if not terribly stereotyped; we're breaking down marriage barriers one state, county, or city at a time; and Our Lady Gaga has graced us with a wonderful, it not awfully short, new album featuring Our Lady Beyoncé. Next year, I'm expecting a vice-versa -- a B album with G on it. Lets keep our fingers and testicles (testes? I can never remember) crossed.

I personally have more to be thankful for than I could express. So I won't gush out here, but I will tell you how ridiculously thankful I am for all of you: the guys and girls out there that are nice enough to put me into their regular internet routine, to comment on occasion, to correct my numerous spelling mistakes. SO THANKFUL. I'm thankful for this comic: from the people who read it, inspire it, or support it. Two thumbs and one wang way up.
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